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This Tumblr is a visual collage of our research. It does not necessarily present our opinions, but rather explores notions, narratives and cases of urban failure.

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In a global groundswell of revulsion, one particular genre has escaped the embrace of preservation. Open season has been declared on postwar social architecture. At its zenith, a strong public sector created the conditions in which architecture as a social project could flourish. At its nadir, a public sector, debilitated by the market, destroys it.

There is now a global consensus that postwar architecture – and the optimism it embodied about architecture’s ability to organise the social world – was an aesthetic and ideological debacle. Our resignation is expressed in the flamboyant architecture of the market economy, which has its own built-in commercial expiration date.

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Architect Rem Koolhaas’s on preservation - its expanding territories, increasing demands, and unforeseen side effects - on the occasion of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

Read Rem Koolhaas’s full text here

Sep 12, 2010

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